The Canadian Customs Agency has tightened up their borders this year.  The issue that seems to have become common right now is the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) fines.  Many states in the United States do not view this as a fellony, however, Canada does.  They will not allow you to cross the border if you have not filled out the proper paperwork. 
     Even if you have been charged with a crime and were proven innocent, you may have to show that you have taken care of this.  If you think that you may have anything on your personal file, please click on the "Immigration Canada" link below and read through their documents.  They will inform you if you need any of the forms below.  Please note that there is a $200 fee associated with this application. 
Form IMM1444
Form IMM5310
Form IMM5312
Form IMM5507
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Form IMM5476
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